Professional Services

We offer our clients a range of advanced and elite services that are designed to construct and achieve their goals and expectations. We customize and tailor service delivery to fit customers’ business needs, from building the network infrastructure, providing a range of security, Voice and Enterprise computing services, as well as providing a range of current network services such as network assessment.


GBG are already familiar with dependent technologies, enabling these to become part of the ‘IT factory’ and freeing up the IT department to be the conduit between business requirements and technology deployment.


Focusing on the business needs of our customers rather than the restrictions of previous Technology Towers enables us to transform how IT is delivered.
Your professionals and project management teams will help you determine where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. They'll then work with you to achieve your goals from strategy to procurement and deployment.


IT Infrastructure Solutions:


1. Data Center Management:
We provide our customers with a top class infrastructure of Data Centers with advantage of the benefits that technology bring.
Colocation From rack space to private suite, colocation is ideal when building and managing your own hosted setup. Or we can leverage our vendor independence to source optimum hardware for you.
Managed Hosting – We can provide a fully managed infrastructure including servers, SAN devices and Firewalls via the specialized expertise of our highly qualified on-site support team who will manage and monitor your servers 24/7.
Disaster Recovery – Your servers will be backed up regularly so in the event of a server outage,your business can continue to operate as normal.
Connectivity and MPLSYour business can connect people in different locations to work together seamlessly by improving effectiveness, productivity and communication.
Storage Solutions – Dramatically simplify backup and recovery without any downtime, improving reliability whilst reducing costs.
Virtualization Quite simply, virtualization allows one computer to do the job of many computers by sharing its resources across many environments.
We have total control, giving you the flexibility to react dynamically to your different business requirements.

2. Cloud Computing Deployment services and solutions:
Utilizing enterprise class technology from Microsoft, our team of expert engineers have designed and built a scalable and flexible multisite virtualization, storage and backup platform to deliver a range of solutions to suit your business needs now and in the future.
Whether you need a single development server, a load balanced dual-site set of web Servers, a comprehensive Disaster Recovery strategy or a private virtualized environment we have a Solution to suit you.
With our simple intuitive system it is easy to create and manage virtual machines giving you time to focus on your business not your infrastructure.
3. Office 365 Deployment and Migration:
Your complete Office in the cloud As a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate partner, CWL Systems has the skills and experience to help you with everything from procuring Microsoft Office 365 through to deployments, migrations and building custom solutions.
Office 365 brings together the power of the familiar Office applications with business class email (powered by Exchange Online), document sharing (powered by SharePoint Online), and instant messaging and video conferencing (powered by Lync Online).
Everything works seamlessly together to give you the best productivity experience across your devices - from PCs to smartphones to tablets. Because it is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft, you always get the latest technology without the need to upgrade your servers and it comes with virus/malware protection, automatic backup, and 99.9% uptime guarantee with a financially-backed service level agreement.
4. Messaging and UC Infrastructure:
GBG is beginning the transition from the existing campus telephone and voice mail system to a new system which will enable the university community to access new and emerging communications technologies. The planned system is referred to as Unified Communications.
The Unified Communications (UC) system will provide a foundation for the integration of real-time communications services like telephony, instant messaging, chat and desktop video conferencing with other non-real-time communications services such as email, voicemail and fax.
5. Platform and Network Services:
Our design services specify the new Data Center infrastructure according to our best practices to address your requirements in terms of scalability, resiliency, load balancing and security. The migration to the new architecture is carefully planned and executed thanks to advanced migration tools and methodologies.
Seamless operationalization of the new Data Center is ensured through the deployment of the right scripts, portals and plugins to streamline operations and make sure the right KPI such as performance statistics and network and virtual machine consumption are available for an efficient monitoring. Smooth knowledge transfer to your operational teams is delivered through advanced training and on-site engineer services.
Making the Data Center network as dynamic & consumable as computer infrastructure through automated instantiation of network services
Eliminating cumbersome configuration-driven processes for Data Center networking that are today’s norm.
Separating and simplifying the definition of network service requirements and policies from the manner in which network services are established
Seamless connectivity across ANY DataCenter network infrastructure (Layer2 through Layer4) incorporating both virtualized and non-virtualized compute environments.
Scaling to meet the demands of thousands of tenants with unique application requirements, distinct security policies, and committed service levels.
6. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:
GBG Systems understand technology change and the enormous impact it has upon business, and we recognize the fact that the vital ingredient for any business st its people and its information.
Disasters occur, often by chance, but the fact is they do happen and recovery needs to be planned for. GBG has developed a complete range of DR solutions to cater for all eventualities, focused on providing the most flexible, comprehensive and cost effective services available.
GBG provide a range of solutions from hosted replication to workplace recovery and much more.
7. Virtualization:
Organizations are also exploring the potential to create a platform based on a highly virtualized component stack.
Adding the concept of the pre-integration of these takes us from the Enterprise Architecture concept to a more Converged Infrastructure ideal, and the inclusion of Converged Infrastructure is now part of the thinking that defines modern infrastructure design.
•    The integration and virtualization of several components presents a simplified architecture with the following benefits: Asset utilization
  •       Consolidation.
  •     Integration of servers, storage, and network assets (virtualization)
  •     Administrative cost-reduction.
  •     Increased agility and IT responsiveness.
  •     Energy-efficient.
  •     Faster, automated provisioning.
  •     Reliable recovery of data and applications.
  •     Simplification.
  •     Workload-optimization.
  •     Improved DR.
  •     Modernization of network infrastructure.


8. Security:
GBG Security solutions covers three main areas:

  •  Network Security.
  •  IT Compliance.
  •  End-Point Security.

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